340 Partners

Offering a Unique Transition

Our Objectives

Our Core Values

Commitment - Barrett is committed to acquiring a business where he can add value and positively impact future growth and sales. Upon acquiring a business, Barrett is committed to creating value for stakeholders through execution of business strategy, streamlined and efficient operations, and fiscal responsibility.

Innovation - 340 Partners will continually strive to develop solutions that meet their customer’s specific needs in new and creative ways.

Integrity - Barrett will maintain consistency of actions, values, and principles. He will strive for integrity in his actions and interactions with investors, employees, business associates, and customers.

Customer-Centric - Barrett will work to create a company that maintains focus on consistently providing maximum quality client service and satisfaction.

Respect and Transparency - 340 Partners will emphasize respect among investors, employees, business associates, and customers. This will include encouraging open and honest communication, and listening to the ideas and input of all relevant parties.

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